Josie Goldberg Drops Bikini Top for Ocean-Going Must-See Vessels

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I can read minds. And I know what you're thinking this morning. How on earth can you get your eyes a'feasting on some more of that full-bodied Josie Goldberg girl who's always taking her top off. I'm pretty close, right?

Well, today is your lucky day. As if just being a Friday weren't enough, the ever-celeb-populated beach in Miami found itself yet another visual pairing this week with the reality star turned, well, nothing really yet, Josie Goldberg, getting all kinds of European on the beach, flashing her funbags for the general ogling audience, and sending at least some of you curvaceous lustin' readers into something of a body-spazzum. Josie is not necessarily the hottest bikini body we've seen come out of the amazing sites of Miami these past couple of weeks, but she certainly is the most robust. Enjoy.

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