Lindsay Lohan Bikini Nipple Slips For An Early Mele Kalikimaka

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Oh, Lilo, you were supposed to be leaving controversy back on the Mainland.

Don't you hate it when your probation officer waives your travel restrictions for a week-long holiday in Hawaii then you go and instantly lose your purse and passport and next thing you know, you're bikini is malfunctioning on the beach and you're showing nearly as much out of your bikini as Playboy just paid you one million smackeroos for? Yeah, me too.

But Lindsay Lohan is not comfortable without controversy, and forgetting the probation and the stolen purse, we are able as Egotastic! readers to focus in on the matter at hand, the next in the glorious history of Lindsay Lohan bikini malfunctions and some wet flashing of the chest beams. You can say many things about Lindsay Lohan, but you can never call her boring (at least not from afar). Enjoy.

For the fuller set of Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures be sure to visit Celebuzz.

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