Melissa George Topless Twitpic by Way of Russell Simmons Online Accident

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Here's the deal. If you're going to date a much older man, a much older rich man hip hop business magnate, there's going to be technical difficulties from time to time. Like, over the weekend, when Russell Simmons accidentally Twitpicked some pics of younger Aussie actress girlfriend Melissa George in a couple different states of undress, including some bare boobtastic. Now, we're not exactly sure what Russell Simmons did intend to do with these unclothed pictures of his young hot girlfriend, but we're simply glad he's taking them and then getting all loopy online shortly thereafter.

This does bode quite well. Enjoy.

(UPDATE: Thanks to EgoReader 'it's me' for pointing out that this Twit-leak actually occurred a couple months ago it seems, not this past weekend. There goes our Pulitzer!)

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