Miranda Kerr Gets Nekkid for Industrie Magazine; We Go Catatonic

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Who's the luckiest man in the world? Take a guess, I dare you.

Well, the answer today is Willy Vanderperre. Because he's the photographer who got to hang out with a quite nekkid Miranda Kerr recently to shoot her for Industrie magazine, a fashion periodical that is meant largely for a female audience, but today, is known around the world as the best friend of man-kind, for it's quite without clothes and topless pictures of the uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr. To state that Miranda Kerr has made an amazing post-baby MILF comeback is perhaps the biggest understatement of the something or other.

This ridiculously hot celeb model is just one advanced work of genetic awesome that defies all known laws of flesh, the very flesh on amazing display in this mini-pictorial. Just, dayum! Enjoy.

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