Mr. Skin Top 10 Nekkid Scenes of 2011 Revealed (VIDEO)

'Tis the season for best of the year awards, we have our own coming out next week, but we leave the matters of on-screen nekkidness rankings to our expert friends at Mr. Skin and their release today of the Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2011. A pretty epic list that I find hard to disagree with on any level, though it is fun to investigate the various entrants.

In conjunction with the Awards, Mr. Skin is offering Egotastic! readers their discounted annual plan for those who can not get enough of hot nekkid celebrities on the boob tube and the big screen, of which I am currently one such avid fan. 

Mr. Skin Top 10 Nekkid Scenes of 2011:

1. Lake Bell – How to Make It in America
We've been watching Lake ever since she appeared in her skivvies in Slammed (2001), but it took a whole decade for her to show us her Great Lakes. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely.
2. Emmy Rossum – Shameless
Wonder why Emmy has such nice lungs? She's a classically trained opera singer who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in Phantom of the Opera (2004).
3. Emily Browning – Sleeping Beauty
Emily makes her nude debut in Sleeping Beauty, the first movie ever skinducted into the Mr. Skin Nudity Hall-of-Fame based on a field report from our Skin Skouts.
4. Kirsten Dunst – Melancholia
Kirsten has been nude once before, in All Good Things (2010), but she went full frontal for the first time in Melancholia.
5. Elizabeth Olsen – Martha Marcy May Marlene
Elizabeth is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but the first in the family to get naked.
6. Addison Timlin – Californication
Addison started her acting career in a touring production of Annie, but we think she hit a real high note this year on Californication.
7. Evan Rachel Wood – Mildred Pierce
Evan's been nude before in Across the Universe (2007), but she made her full frontal debut in Mildred Pierce thanks to the encouragement of her oft-nude co-star Kate Winslet.
8. Esme Bianco and Sahara Knite – Game of Thrones
Esme is a nude regular on Game of Thrones, and the former burlesque dancer brought her pal Sahara Knite on board for this knockout girl-girl scene.
9. Jessica Chastain – Jolene
Jessica was everywhere this year, from The Help to The Tree of Life. But the only place you can see her bare branches is as is the titular heroine in Jolene.
10. Bianca Kajlich – 30 Minutes or Less
Bianca stars on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement as Jennifer, and here she shows us her rules of SKINgagement for the first time ever on screen.


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