Paz De La Huerta Nekkid and Naughty in Amazing Mark Squires Photoshoot

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Oh, my completely un-prophetic soul. Just yesterday I think I drunkenly declared that the Terry Richardson Lady Gaga photoshoot might have been the most interesting pictorial of the year, when, lo and behold, I mean, get low and hold yourself firmly, this ridiculous Paz de la Huerta photoshoot from amazing celeb photog Mark Squires fogs up our Egotastic! windows with some extreme hot body black strappy cigarette smoking bad girl goodness. It's black and white and nekkid all over. 

Now, I know there's some hotly contested debate in these parts as to whether the often gritty appearing Paz warms your personal cockles, but there can be no debate that this is one of the most daring, baring, and all around sharing thespianic female in Hollywood. Good girls often don't, but bad girls deserve rewards. Such as a standing ovation, if it doesn't present a present state of potential embarrassment, for this wicked bit of full frontal and rear-al reveals.

You really must take your time to visually devour these photos. Enjoy.

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