READER FINDS: Joanna Krupa Poking Hot, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless, Lauren Pope Nekkid, and Much More....

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Our final Reader Finds of 2011. Spill some naughtiness for our fallen readers. 

Through the entire year, our favorite horde of gentlemen (and lady) oglers we call the amazing Egotastic! have fed our communal need for celebrity skin like so much hot slop into the upscale pig's trough. It's been a truly remarkable airlift of the asstastic, a bushel of boobtastic, and, always, a saving grace of the sextastic. So, hail, you readers.

Today's Reader Finds includes Joanna Krupa smoking and poking hot in a Josh Ryan photoshoot, Rosie Huntington-Whitely artsy and topless in a Rankin photoshoot, TOWIE reality star Lauren Popenekkid for The Bunny, Aida Yespica calendar sultry topless, Johanna Lundback doing what she does best in lingerie and swimsuits, Adriana Lima 'wicked' weirdly hot, and a strange nekkid song bird in Amanda Palmer getting inked. 

Finds and Finders:

First off, big ups to Egotastic! friend and big time photog, Josh Ryan, who it turns out was the man behind the lens of the sextastic Joanna Krupa photos appearing in CKM magazine in Joanna's native Poland we brought you earlier this month. Total droolfest. Now, Josh is sharing the fuller set, in higher resolution with the Egotastic! audience. Quite a holiday gift!

Kudos to 'Ben B.' for his contribution of an artsy (which we never get) topless (which we always get) photoshoot of the super hot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from celeb snapper Rankin who takes hot famous women and gets them topless, which we admire. Thanks, Ben.

Well, you know how we tend to make fun of the folks who claim 'DJ' as their job title, but no longer. Many Internet points to 'Jakey' for contributing some downright amazing Playboy pics of Britty DJ and The Only Way is Essex reality star, Lauren Pope, showing that with her hot nekkid body, she can spin more than tunes. 

Egotastic! Reader 'Marco J.' could not help but recognize how heavily we have fallen for Venezuelan beauty queen turned Italian gossip girl, Aida Yespica, so he wanted to make sure that as we head into 2012, we did not miss out on her amazing topless photo collage for her 2005 calendar. It's never too late for Yespica funbags!

Where to begin with this freaky 'Wicked' photoshoot by Ellen Von Unwerth of our usually straight up sultry and delicious Adriana Lima. Well, it's different alright, but definitely worth perusing. Blessings to EgoFan 'Ken S.' for this find.

'Peter C.' can't stop Swede-pimping his favorite Scandinavian hottie, Johanna Lundback, wanting to be sure all of his fellow readers got an even deeper appreciation for the unusually brunette hottie Svensk.

And, last, and definitely strangest, from Reader 'Mickey' comes an unusually stripped down look at Dresden Dolls musician, Amanda Palmer (a.k.a Amanda Fucking Palmer) taking her inking in true, nekkid to the world, kind of presence. It's... well, it's different. 


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