Sabine J. Priek Topless Lingerie Picture Outtakes Prime Us For NYE

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Three New Year's Eves ago, a dreaded event unfolded. At a friends big blowout party for NYE (read as: pony keg of Red Stripe bought straight off the liquor store delivery truck by a couple enterprising drivers) the party was half-way fun, despite the recurring presence of Death Cab for Cutie on the stereo system (I think we set a record for defenestrations that night). But, to the point, my friend's sister pulled me back into one of the guest rooms for a very important announcement. She proceeded to remove her dress and present her sorority body in a pair of black bra and panties. What a stroke of year end fortune for yours truly. Without hesitation, naturally, I proceeded to tell her how I'd always admired and respected her as a woman and...then she broke down in tears. Bawling, she told me she was pregnant by her no-good boyfriend. Then she pulled her dress back up, wiped her eyes with a tissue, and walked right pass me with a 'thank you' as she passed on out the door. New Year's Eve parties are whack.

I couldn't help but be reminded of my experience that night with, let's call her 'Lisa', because that is her name, when coming across these amazing outtakes from a Sabine J. Priektopless black lingerie pictorial shoot we brought you from our friends at Nuts this past Spring, but, as with all outtakes, so much more robust and just super amazingly hot. If you've not been in lust with relatively underrated Sabine J. Priek before, prepare yourself for a solid half-hour in a private spot of your choice flipping through these photos and falling head over tissue for this ridiculously hot bodied and sextastic Britty glamour model. Enjoy.

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