Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Monique Evans Guides Daughter Barbara Evans Through First Playboy Shoot

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When I was a little kid, my dad refused to take me to 'Take Your Kid to Work Day'. At the time he explained to me it was because he was an astronaut on a shuttle mission and that it would be highly impractical. I later learned that this was a complete falsehood and that he was mostly embarrassed of the fact that I was still wearing bangs and zippered shirts decades past other boys. Growing up is hard.

Unless you happen to be a second generation hottie like young Brazilian model Barbara Evans, whose mom, Monique Evans, is one of the more revered and legendary 70's Playboy Brazil models turned legit model turned TV celebrity, who convinced her own daughter to follow right in her footsteps, err, body steps, all nekkid like on the pages of the Bunny magazine. Not only did Monique suggest the pictorial for her daughter, she apparently supervised the shoot on the family farm and selected the photos used in the publication. Now that's a mom (and a super hot looking daughter).  Enjoy.

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