Xoana Gonzalez Drops Top in Maxim And Discusses Lionel Messi Scandal

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A couple rules of Egotastic! come into play on this story.

First, girls whose first names begin with an 'X' are invariably stripper hot, and I don't just mean unusually hot, I mean, they look like strippers. It's just a fact, a fact documented by science. Count Xoana Gonzalez in that category.

Second, 98.3% of all Sudamericana celebrity scandals at some point involve a famous soccer player knocking the boot snot out of some TV hostess and model. Also, documented by science.

So, consider us not surprised when a sexually charged scandal involving sweaty orgies arises in regard to Argentine hottie hostess Xoana Gonzalez and Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentine national soccer team and super rich FC Barcelona striker considered by some to be the world's top soccer player. Not that we care so much about the potential sex scandal as we do that magazines in Latin America like Maxim that jump right into these messes by offering dinero to the sexy celebs in question to get nekkid on their pages. Who says there's no pure goodness left in this world? Enjoy.

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