Camille Rowe Topless, Hot, And, Oh Yeah, Topless, in Terry Richardson Photoshoot

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Here's our deal with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. We're jealous. Yep, we're damn jealous. Somehow the sort of weird and creepy photographer manages to get an endless series of celebrity hotties into his studio, peel off their tops, and start taking pictures. Our last attempt at staging a similar event was the oddly hefty flight attendant who lives down the hall and we ended up with a black-eye and half a bottle of Two Buck Chuck staining the faux-berber wall-to-wall. So, yeah, we're jealous.

In his latest venture, Terry got cheeky hot French fashion model Camille Rowe to drop her top and flash her heavenly udders for us into the prurient delights. I guess you could say we all benefit from Terry's personal successes, and we will think precisely that, once we get past our feelings of personal envy. Enjoy.

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