Carey Mulligan Nekkid in Shame; Not So Shameful Really

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Two really great things happened to Carey Mulligan in 2011. She dumped 120 pounds of sad-sackness in LeBoof. And she got nekkid when filming Shame.  (Three things actually if you include Drive, where she was pretty great.)

Now, I don't normally go rushing to the theaters to see artsy indie films with full-frontal male nudity, and, in the case of Shame, I didn't go at all. But I did send Cousin Jonathan who came back with a bag full of Body Shop scented candles, which made everybody kind of nervous. Still, I know an email onslaught when I see one, and there have been many of your Curious Peeping Georges awaiting to feast your peeps on the fully nekkid Carey Mulligan in the film.

So, well, have your Mulligan cake and eat it too. We're like that here. Enjoy.

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