Danielle Sharp Topless Pictures Take Us Back to the School for Naughty Oglers

I have this recurring horrid dream where I'm told that I have to go back to school to complete the one course I needed for graduation but somehow completely overlooked attending in my senior year. I awake in a flop sweat and remind myself it is just a dream, as in reality, there were like eleven classes I completely missed and the school said they didn't ever want me coming back. So I feel same once more.

It seems like just a month or two ago that Danielle Sharp was voted sexiest co-ed in all of the Old Country, and while we do disavow the superlatives when it comes to hotness, we also find it difficult to argue, especially so when your lower mandible is hanging down like a snake about to consume its lunch thrice its size. We don't exactly remember many girls like Danielle on campus, for surely had there been, we would've stayed past the time all the human body sculpture classes ran out.

Danielle Sharp is is featured in this month's Front magazine, all hot and kind of really bothering us with her flirty, flaunty, and most undoubtedly topless ways. The young co-ed (though we would like to review her transcripts to verify her matriculation claims)  looks far too wise and wicked for her tender late teen age as she brings up all kinds of naughty headmaster possibilities. Enjoy.

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