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Demi Moore Now and Then: A Look Back at Young, Hot, Robust, Nekkid Bodied Demi 30-Years Ago in Penthouse Pictorial

We've visited other variations of this same pictorial before from Demi Mooreand her quite early, late teen modeling days, in the bright start of her career in the early 80's when she was an up and coming glamourous nude model cutting her teeth in European publications and still yet a few years away from movie stardom in the U.S.

With news yesterday of Demi Moore entering rehab, and various and sundry related ailments from simply not eating enough, we couldn't help but harken back to a time when a hot, sexy, and, yes, quite bush-beavered young Demi was ripe and full-bodied and downright beautiful. It's not true for every celebrity, of course, but, for many, fame and fortune do carry a fairly heavy price, as seen in the thirty years since these photos to Demi of today.

We love, lust, and long for our veteran hotties here at Egotastic!, so much so that we want them to stick around for as long as possible, and eat a sandwich every now and then so we can ogle their wise older hot woman wares. Enjoy (the classic Demi).

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