Did Reggie Bush Dump Kim Kardashian for Mayra Veronica Because Kim Was Sexting Kanye West?

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And is this entire story just really an excuse for us to post more pictures of the amazing asstastic of Cuban-American model and kind of singer (and big supporter of the USO and the troops, on an actual positive note) miss Mayra Veronica? Yes, indeed it is.

Nevertheless, our friends at RadarOnline are reporting that Amber Rose, former Kanye West steady, is claiming that the principles-over-money Kim Kardashian went all homewrecker on Kanye and and Amber's love affair by sending an endless number of naughty texts and even racy photos of herself to Kanye in complete disrespect of Amber Rose, not to mention Reggie Bush who Kim was close to marrying at the time (how many times a day must Reggie thank his stars for avoiding that crap-stepping event).

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to be completely self-absorbed.

While it was always thought that Reggie Bush dumped Kim for the lower maintenance and equally fine-arsed Mayra Veronica, maybe it was finding Kim's naughty picture trail to Kanye that broke the love-camels back. And, far more importantly, Kanye, can we please see those pictures?! Enjoy.

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