Emma Glover and Leah Francis Topless Pictures For Brand Spanking Newness

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Sometimes, a man just needs a nice pair of funbags to fall back into like life's built-in comfy cushions. Strike that, men need that all the time (and some of your tata desiring ladies too, yes, I know, I get your letters).

Thanks to the latest and greatest release (as it were) from our boob-loving friends at Nuts, we have some not oft-leered hot glamour celeb models in the curvy forms of Emma Glover and Leah Francis, all playful and grabby and acting pretty much like every dream I've ever had about two ridiculously hot Britty glamour model invading my boudoir with their body pillows and giggling like schoolgirls who've had too much Vermouth (the dreams, they do get pretty detailed).

I'm not sure how you're feeling, but I'm feeling better already.  Enjoy.

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