Erin Wasson Topless Hot in Jalouse Magazine

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Since we posted photos of American model and fashion designer herself, Erin Wasson, in her barely there post Golden Globe party dress, oh,how we received letters asking for more. We never know quite what to do with these letters, I mean, we already have begging letters out to every hot celebrity making our charitable case why they should be sending us nekkid photos of themselves, so we're already always trying. 

But, thanks to the good folks at Jalouse magazine, one of our favorite Frenchy periodicals, we can now see a bit more of the alluring Erin than even we ogled the other evening, and, well, it's a sight for sore eyes (and other sore parts). I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to be seeing much more of Erin on Egotastic!, just feel it in the gut. Enjoy.

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