Fabiane Sampaio Is 'The Girl' Delivering Topless Brazilian Heat

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We got a lot of calls last week to show some of the new Miss America winner, what's-her-face. And while she was pretty and all, it's all kind of boring, because beauty pageants are generally pretty boring, and in the U.S. in particular the moral standard b.s. for these girls is so high you almost never see them doing anything truly leer worthy. The same can not be said for Brazilian beauty pageant winners.

The sultry sextastic Fabiane Sampaio got her start in the Brazilian model circuit recently with her pageant wins in some or another Brazilian states (though we're told she actually ended up winning 'Best Smile', which, okay, she's got a great smile, but who was looking at her smile?). And, now, the Latina hottie has gotten all kinds of topless for true beauty pageant pageantry in The Girl magazine, such that we can judge her on things far more important than her plans for world peace. It is so very nice. Enjoy.

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