Holly Peers Topless Outtakes Are a Mouthful of Sunshine

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The first day back to work after New Year's is a day filled with headaches and regrets. Let's be honest, you ate like a pig, you drank like a fish, and you probably did a few things like a dog that haven't left you feeling super proud this morning.

Now, it's snap back to reality, but what better way to ease your transition back to planet grind than with a healthy heaping double spoonful of the gloriously hot Holly Peers and her epic funbags, courtesy of some amazing outtakes from a Nuts pictorial. Outtakes do always kick-arse on published photos, and these glamour model goodies are actually quite glamorous, not to mention mouth-watering fleshtastic.

It's all good, and, maybe, just maybe, memories of the donkey show over New Year's will fade faster than expected. Enjoy.

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