Katie Price And Drunken Upskirts Go Together Like Bread and Jam (You Figure Out Which Is the Jam)

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I'll say this, for all the times Katie Price gets loaded and flashes her panties (or less) up under her short skirts and dresses -- I still look. Oh, sure part of this is the natural male instinct for sneaky peeks and lustful leers, but the other part is Katie Price, almost a perfect kind of mess really. Not all sloppy drunk celebrities know just how to nail this role, but Katie has a very good bead on it.

Out in Chelsea last evening, Katie got a bit snookered and flashed her knickers as she climbed into a car outside the Rose nightclub.

At some point many years down the road, Katie will be leaving Ladies Garden Clubs in matronly skirts, for now, we're going to continue to soak up those sneaky peeks. Enjoy.

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