Keira Knightley Topless And Spanked in 'A Dangerous Method'

A Dangerous Method, this flick about Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung kind of flew under the radar this award season, perhaps because absolutely nobody has actually seen it, but, dammit, cinematically speaking, when we heard the Keira Knightley was topless and getting all kinds of spanked in the film, we just had to take a gander. I mean, it is sort of the visualization of our long standing dream.

Now, let's be clear, Egotastic! does not condone the striking of a woman in any manner for any reason, I mean, unless you're paying, and only then on the derriere whilst pretending you're the strict headmaster of the school; at least, this is my personal exception. But it's all fun and games on film, and watching Keira Knightley spanked, that's one fun game. Enjoy.

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