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Lacey Banghard Topless Pictures Drop Some Loaded Weapon Hotness

Even as we celebrate this week the crowning of the new Page 3 Idol winner, Lucy Collett, it was just one short year ago that Lacey Banghard, the brunette with the fabulously fitting last name, won the competition her own hot melon-self. 

Our friends at Loaded are paying tribute to the sextastic Lacey in the current edition of their magazine with a hot to ogle pictorial of the smoking bodied Britty glamour model who takes herself one or ten mean photographs. To say we're in lust with Lacey Banghard is something of an understatement, as we're currently selling a kidney on the black market just to afford our next round of senseless jewelry buys for her affection. Yep, we've got it bad. Enjoy.

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