Lacey Banghard vs. Emma Frain in an Outtakes Battle of Twin Epic Proportions

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During the hump of the week, the mind tends to wander to similarly desirable pursuits and the magnificent splendor of the female form, today constituted in the dual forms of dual Britty glamour models, Lacey Banghard and Emma Frain, both of whom have some serious outtakes released from their recent Nuts photoshoots, and, outtakes being inevitably awesome, this shapes up to be a battle of epic funbag proportions.

As always, there are no losers in our battles, just winners among the species for whom the eyeballs are connected directly to three outlets: libido, smiles, and a third place whose name I dare not speak. The point is... okay, who are we kidding? We just wanted to share some ridiculously hot outtakes. Enjoy.

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