Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Because Lauren Has One of the Finest Rears in Hottieville

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Let the smoking hot bikini madness continue...

We're not exactly sure what hot model and reality starlet Lauren Stoner does with her days, but as with any hot celebrity, so long as she spends much of her time preening her superior bikini body along the beach for our viewing pleasure, who are we to ask about her off-hottie hours. In fact, being Michael Bay's on-again, off-again, hop back on again girlfriend probably pays fairly well, but, the working standards are high, including keeping that award-winning asstastic in perfection, mint-in-box condition. 

Lauren Stoner flaunted her all over lean, tight, bikini hotness in her home Miami turf over the New Year's holiday, smiling confidently like a girl who knows she's got the sweetest body on the beach. And that smile is much deserved. Enjoy.

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