Leeann Tweeden Hot (Covered) Topless for Maximum Thai Exposure

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Okay, so these probably aren't brand spanking new photos, as the foreign edition of these mags do tend to recirculate their photos like my friend Johnny Beans recirculates the below-average-IQ women he meets as the only male employee of The Limited, but hot photos of Leeann Tweeden must be shared, it's a universal man-code thing, and these shots of the sports minxtress almost but not quite topless on the pages of Maxim Thailand, well, they definitely fall under the code.

As you know from my personal and painful revelations, I've had something of a gonadial crushing crush on Leeann Tweeden for some time now; the kind of crazy crush that makes you do things you'd never thought you'd see yourself doing, like buying after-shave or, well, just shaving. But Leeann Tweeden rings my bell. And I'm guessing yours too. So peek, leer, and most definitely...enjoy.

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