Leilani Dowding Topless Bikini Pictures And This Is How I Find Out?

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Look, I don't want to be the 800-lb. bitch in the room, but just when you think you're friends with some hot girl, they go and take their top off in public and don't even tell you about it. Not a text or call or Tweet or Skype or even reaching out to the bowling alley bar where everyone knows I drink myself into a stupor nightly in between rounds of Skee ball in the craptastic arcade (I'm 300 tickets away from the sweeter stuffed animal prizes).

So, yes, Leilani Dowding can still be my friend, because she's super hot and likes to take her clothes off and those kinds of friends, well, you let them walk all over you, natch. And Leilani did once again look mesmerizingly hot in Miami as she removed her bikini top after a sweaty run to air out her half-Filipina flesh puppies along the water.

Is it easy being friends with a super hot chick? No, it is not. But when they break up with their boyfriends and throw back a couple or three angry martinis and march over to your apartment in tears, it also can have its rewards. Enjoy.

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