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Liz La Point Hot Topless and Bothered in Terry Ousterhout Pictorial

We love unclothed women, that is no doubt. And when one of our readers snaps hot photos, we're going to want to share with the community at large.

As you may recall from one year ago, photographer and dedicated Egotastic! follower Terry Ousterhout has been following model Liz La Point like a dog follows a big rib bone, only Terry owns a camera and has opposable thumbs with which to snap sextastic photos of his model muse, some of which he's sharing with us today, which happens to also be his birthday.

Be sure to check out more of Terry's ardently amorous work with Liz at

(Oh, and a follow up reminder from last year, before you ask me to pimp your shit, please make sure you have met the precondition of following a cute chick around with a camera for an entire year...with her consent, please.)

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