Lorena Rojas (Covered) Topless Bikini Pictures Have Us Shifting in Our Satellite

I'm sure you know by now we are true aficionados of Spanish-language soap operas, with an intense love for all things hot and sultry and bitch slapping. And this most definitely includes long time Mexican soap star, Lorena Rojas, who despite turning 40 next week, doesn't look a day over, well, whatever age it is that you imagine taking to your private cabana for ten minutes of making of the sexy time. Lorena Rojas is just ridiculously hot in her beachy covered topless bikini spread in this month's H Para Hombres magazine, the periodical for all things 'Ay, Mami!' hot. 

While U.S soap operas continue to languish and face cancelation, the telenovelas are just getting bigger and bigger, and we think we know why. Enjoy.

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