Lucy Collett Nekkid Pictures Popping Up Out of the Woodwork

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It seems like just yesterday or so we were celebrating the U.K. Sun's discovery of Lucy Collett, hot boobtastic Brit as their latest amateur Idol winner for the year. Well, don't you know, just like Columbus claiming to have discovered America, turns out the Continent was already inhabited when he got here.

And that's sort of the same for the discovery of Lucy Collett, as it now turns out that the ginger hottie has a bit more photographic past experience than previously thought, including this woodland nekkid pictorial of the sextastic Warwick girl where she looks rather different than her Page 3 shoot, but still red and hot and without clothes all over. It is a delightful arboreal experience.

I have an inkling that this voyage of Lucy Collett discovery is going to get even better in the future. Enjoy.

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