Lucy Lawless Sadly Not Braless, But See-Through for 'Live with Kelly'

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Way to ruin my 'Lawless Goes Braless' headline, Lucy. Still, quite a see-through sweater you got going on there.

Lucy Lawless, our favorite routinely topless hottie from oh so many of our Greco-Roman television favorited showed up to 'Live with Kelly' to pimp Spartacus and she did so in a sweater that seemed to be woven by some dude who likes to ogle ladies' tops (which could be any dude, natch) and flashed shots straight through to her bra. Had she been going commando as seems to be the currently blessed trend in Hollywood, it would have been a real show.

Still, we'll call this a nice almost-baring of the lions at the sextastic coliseum for Lucy. Enjoy.

(Thanks to Egotastic! Reader 'Ranger' for the live capture stills from 'Live with Kelly')

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