Maria Fowler Chugs Booze, Flashes Panties, in Wild Essex Party Night

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Here's an almost guarantee when your TOWIE girls hit the town: hardcore drinking, dancing in the streets, some wardrobe malfunctions, and typically a trip to the emergency room for a good stomach pumping or stitches. Maria Fowler seems to have saved herself right before the ambulance call on her past weekend's binge in Essex where the sextastic reality star and fast rising hottie celeb took to throwing back the vodka shots directly from the bottle (always a sign that your evening is about to pickup very quickly) and flashing some cleavage and a shot of her pretty sun-colored panties.

Now, we here at Egotastic! generally shy away from tipping the bottle directly, as it has proven in the past to lead us to waking up in the bedrooms of plus-plus sized fashion models with three or more cats nibbling on what appears to be chocolate sauce around our more intimate areas, then again, we probably can't hold our liquor like Maria Fowler. Enjoy.

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