Natasha Giggs Flashes Her Bareola On Celebrity Big Brother

Oh, what a deceitful Desperate Housewives style mess this is.

Natasha Giggs is the sister-in-law of Ryan Giggs, the British soccer player slash cocksman who you may recall last year had a national censorship order on news of his rampant scoring with ladies not his wife, including not in the least, Natasha, his own brother's wife, that went on for a solid eight years. Okay, so I guess it's more Cain and Abel than Desperate Housewives.

What did all this incestual leaning adultery buy Natasha? Well, a slot on Celebrity Big Brother U.K., which reminded us once more how much better reality shows are outside of the U.S. as Natasha slipped a full fledged half-moon of her oversized mammarian circular targets on national television on this past week's eviction episode. Now, that's reality. Enjoy.

(Thanks to 'Ben M.' (BenM123 on Twitter) for the head's up on this TV wardrobe malfunction.)

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