Paula Ferrari Nekkid Pictures Put the Fuego in Tierra Del Fuego

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We love our Argentinean readers. They drop some serious Southern latitude attitude on us, with some extreme support of their homeland celeb hotties, and, well, we appreciate it. But, lest we go past a few weeks without pimping out the virtues of the culturally divergent sextastic that flourishes at the tip of the Sudamericana hotness spear, well, they get unsettled. And we get letters. Which thanks to my C+/B- level understanding of all Latin languages, has led me to conclude that many down in the Buenos Aires cafe set want badly to share the sultry goodness of Paula Ferrari from down their neck of the woods, and showing everything without clothes from her neck on down in this month's edition of Playboy.

Paulita, as she is more commonly known, offers up some of the finest visual blend of smoking hot body and the come hither-and-I-shall-ransack-your-loins kind of look that has been causing men deep dark despair since time inmemorium. Cuidado.

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