Rosie Jones Battles Emily O'Hara In Page 3 Topless Battle

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We're not going to ask for a hands vote. For one reason, after exposing herself on Miami Beach yesterday,  Rosie Jones became about as popular as they come around here, and two, never ask a gentleman ogler to raise his arms without some advanced warning. Could be awkward.

Nevertheless, when we see a couple Britty boobtastic models posing up and off in Page 3, we really must examine them side by side, not to mention top to bottom, and on occasional care-free weekends, from bottom back to top, though it's not recommended for amateurs. Rosie Jones vs. the blonde glamour model entrant, the enchantingly riped Irish melon, Emily O'Hara.

Of course, there are only winners when four funbags go to war. Winners all. Enjoy.

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