Rosie Jones Topless Timeless for 2012 (the Final Final Calendar Roundup)

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I think we swore like two or three times that we were done with our look at 2012 calendar, what with the fact that we're now three weeks into the new year already and it's sort of passe to be talking calendars. But, so goes our swearing, take it with a grain of salt  and a shot or three of Jose Cuervo because when it comes to funbags, well, things like ethics and principles have to take a back seat.

Besides, angry letter writer but respected Egotastic! fan 'Kyle' demanded to know why we'd dismissed the 12-month hotness cycle displays of his very favorite, Rosie Jones. And, as is typically the case, we had no good answer. So, we'll just share. Happy 2012 once more. Enjoy.

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