Sophie Reade, Miranda Kerr, and Charlize Theron Just Three of Nuts 101 Favorite Topless Stars

When our friends at Nuts magazine announced that they were going to name their Top 101 Topless Stars, my first thought was, call a sitter for my seventeen stray cats because daddy's going to need some heavy duty alone time.

And, indeed, while we can certainly quibble over the precise rankings and list given to all these topless hottie celebrities, why quarrel when you can simply relish in one epic compilation of bare boobtastic wonderment? The entire point of hot nekkid women is to stop all fighting, I mean, outside of the strip clubs where I routinely have my ass beat down by dudes with two first names.

C'mon, a chance to see Alyssa Milano topless again. This list is the bomb and an absolute must ogle. Enjoy.

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