Sophie Reade Topless Pictures Provide Two Scoops of Happiness for Ta-Ta Tuesdays

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Oh, man, how we need some old-fashioned funbaggery at this moment. After losing next month's rent money on a team that scored zero points in last night's BCS Championship Game, and drowning my sorrows in past due bean dip and tequila that comes in the economical plastic bottle, it's been a rough rough Tuesday. Only a fantabulous pair of knockers can cure these ails.

Thus, like a heaven-sent angel doth arrive Sophie Reade in her latest Nuts pictorial, something about bras and TVs, but mostly just about the life-nourshing orbs mounted on the hot side of one of our very favorite blonde bombshells.

Like a pacifier for grown ups, or really big babies, or sports gamblers with poor instincts. Enjoy.

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