Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures Drop Yet More Public Displays of Asstastic in Hawaii

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With Rihanna having departed Hawaii over the weekend, the celebrity bikini void had to be filled by some new hottie and Vanessa Hudgens seemed happy to take on the awesome responsiblity, strapping on a little black number and hitting the beach in a variety of frontal and rear-bodied poses that helped put the sextastic little lady into the front of our hearts and minds and other body parts over the weekend.

Now, mind you, we did cut out all shots of her stupid boyfriend, but suffice it to say Vanessa and her D-list actor boyfriend were gittin' it on like two rabbits in the water, the kind of public affection that makes me and my emotionally retarded self quite uncomfortable to witness, not to mention screws up some perfectly good eyeballs-to-girls ogling opportunities. But, who can stop young lust? We can barely stop ourselves from saying the word 'yummy bummy' out loud here while flipping through these Vanessa Hudgens bikini pictures. We're hardly the models of maturity. Enjoy.

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