Vikki Blows Blows a Hot Topless Alt-Girl Kiss to 2012

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Was it me that last week announced the final final end to 2012 Calendar previews? I think it must've been my evil identical twin brother, Ronaldo. That bastard gets me into all sorts of trouble; overspending on my credit cards, pinching girls bottoms at bars, and, worst of all, recording Project Runway on my DVR. Damn you, Ronaldo. I bet you got an evil twin of your own, so you can relate.

And, fact is, no way we're not sharing the delightfully counter-culture hottie brunette, Vikki Blows, in her own celebration of the now current year's sextastic twelve months. Every time I see Vikki Blows, I want to smile. Can't help it. I also think about running barefoot through a field of overripe melons, but I'm not sure where that comes from. Simply put, we dig Vikki Blows in a uniquely lustful kind of way. She's different. She's hot. And she's a solid way to mark the passage of time. Enjoy.

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