We Are Bored By Politics, But We Dig Topless Protestors!

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Oh, how political debate bores us to tears, not that we're not interested in the major decisions that affect the everyday lives of people, but the verbal masturbation that goes on in endless arguments by people who love to point and counterpoint, well, it's like watching paint dry. That is until the topless Ukranian protestor girls arrive. Then the paint gets very wet again.

Apparently, a group of plucky feminist protestors got the idea that their World Economic Forum protest was likely to get a wee bit more attention if they took off their tops. And a brilliant idea indeed, because it's clearly worked, even we're sharing their images. And might we add, the brunette is pretty damm hot.

Granted, I'd not go near an irate Ukranian feminist protestor without a steel-encased jock strap and some high-end ear plugs, but, to ogle, yeah, I'm in the 99% of dudes who love to do that. Enjoy.

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