Whitney Port Bikini Malfunction Reveals South Beach Nips

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We haven't seen reality star and self-proclaimed fashionista Whitney Port around these parts in some time; then again, the guru to millions of 'tween girls with their parents credit cards hasn't given us much reason to highlight her merchandising body, which seems to seated in a pedicure chair about four days a week, putting Whitney in the category of Nicky Hilton, as in, super boring celebrity persona.

But not today. No, not today. Because today Whitney Port and her bikini quite nicely malfunctioned during a period of adjustment down in Miami creating a quite delicious bare nipple slip, on top of some already ogle-worthy poolside bikini pictures. And, let's be honest, as inherently uninteresting as Whitney Port may be, there's something quite interesting about that lean stacked body of hers. Something worth examining with some scientific rigor, as it were. Enjoy.

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