2012 Lingerie Bowl Nipple Slips for the Two-Point Conversions

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I must admit, I have never really gotten into the lingerie bowl of football. For one, they're not really wearing lingerie. So, there's that. I don't imagine double-guarded triple lined sports bras and heavy duty shorts with helmets and pads in my visual lexicon of 'lingerie'. Second, the hardcore girls who play the sport, well, yeah, let's just nicely leave it at 'good looking for full-contact football players'. There's not a lot there there, outside of the pretty awesome name.

But, of course, girls knocking about in sports bras, there's inevitably going to be some wardrobe malfunctions, and that's when we start paying attention.

Thanks to Egotastic! Reader 'David B.' for doing our homework for our hungover heads this morning and pointing out some of the bigger slippages o' nips in this weekends lingerie bowl. It's not always pretty, but it's always udderful. Enjoy.

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