Arianny Celeste Nekkid On Her Hotel Balcony (Gives Us a High Rise)

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UPDATE:Arianny's long-armed legal team wrote a bunch of angry letters and now the glorious photos of Arianny Celeste nekkid on the balcony have to come down, for now, at least. Trust me when I say this hurts me more than it hurts you, unless it hurts you a whole bunch.  In the interim, enjoy these sextastic lingerie photos of Arianny from our friends at Nuts and their recent publication.

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We saw the beach bikini photos earlier, now take a look at how Arianny Celeste dresses when she returns to the privacy of her own accommodations.Yep, Arianny Celese nekkid. Wow.

First, we'd be remiss if we didn't give a little glory globes hallelujah to women who like to walk around on their hotel balconies nekkid. Granted, the reality of this nudist exhibition is that most of the flashers look like my Aunt Ethel, who, god love her, once had a group of socially-conscious college students try to roll her back into the ocean the last time she went nude sunbathing along the shore. But Arianny Celeste nekkid is an entirely new, entirely spectacular direction for this whole public flashing theme.

Happy days. That butt and body and bare boobtastic, just outrageously making me wish I'd check my voicemail more often, because I'm guessing there must be a message from Arianny asking if I wanted to do a clothes-less hotel weekend in Miami. I'd say yes, and bring the Bailey's. Enjoy.

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