Brittney Palmer Nekkid Pictures Bring Super Hotness to the Playboy RIng

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UPDATE:You may notice that these photos are no longer the Brittney Palmer pictures from Playboy. The bunny magazine respectfully requested their removal. But we're not leaving you Brittney Palmer fans high and dry, as it were, so check out her recent pictorial shoot for Fitness Gurls. Just plain old ring-girl teasy hot.

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Do you love super hot sweaty hot muay thai hot UFC ring girls in no clothes? Why, of course you do. (As does EgoReader 'Ted D.' who wanted to share his lust with the rest of yous guys with these photos. Kudos to Ted.)

We are super geeked to get our first glimpse at the Brittney Palmer nekkid pictorial in this month's edition of Playboy magazine, the toned hottie giving all she's got in a battle of sextastic exhibitions. That ridiculously hot body of hers will make you tap out in a variety of highly private areas, repeatedly, and with passion. This could be the best pictorial we've seen out of The Bunny magazine in some time now.

Take one super hottie ring girl, strip off her clothes, and snap. A recipe for very happy. Enjoy.

Credit: Playboy magazine

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