Coco Twitpics Herself Nekkid With Her Nephew

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(Editor's Note: We did the pixelation of the baby, not because that baby might be humiliated some day when he's a grown dude and everybody has a picture of him laying nekkid with Aunt Coco in bed, but just because he's still an innocent baby, I mean, one damn lucky innocent baby, but still just a baby.)

1am in LA and my sis,Kristy keeps flashing the camera while me and my nephew,baby Austin,try to sleep..Man, this is a spoiled baby

-- Coco on her Twitpic

Yeah, there's that, and it was 1:00am, but did anybody stop to ask why Aunt Coco was completely butt nekkid in bed with her sister's baby, or why sis thought to snap away and publish the pic to the world.

Well, we've certainly done stuff at one in the morning that can't be labeled as genius, so we'll give a full pass to the Austin family on this one, especially since, you know, we do end up getting to see our friend Coco nekkid. And when you've got boobtastic asstastic friends like Coco, you definitely want to see your friends nekkid. Enjoy.

(Thanks to 'Jacob S.' for first uncovering this nekkid gem early early this morning.)

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