Eliza Doolittle Flashes Her Pretty Panties At the Petrol Station

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As far as I can tell, 'Petrol Station' just means 'Gas Station' but even more expensive than here in the States. Still, I'd be willing to pay a few more shillings for me crude if the likes of Eliza Doolittle were at my service station flashing her panties. The cute as a button 23-year old pop star did us the honor of a delightful upskirt as she filled her tires with air, and inflated the air tubes of gentlemen oglers in the vicinity. Yes, I had to say that.

What can we say, we super dig a chick who pumps her own gas, fills her own tires, and wears short skirts to the gas station. And when she flashes her panties, she ought to win some type of award from the oil companies. Enjoy.

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