Emma Watson Slips Some Nip In See-Through Dress at Pre-BAFTA Party

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First and foremost, let me say, Emma Watson looked damn hot at the Lancome Pre-BAFTA (British Film Awards) Party over the weekend. I mean, even without her see-through dress revealing body parts, we would have crowed about her little sextastic showing on the red carpet. But, thankfully, we do get our icing on the cake as well, as the Harry Potter actress' lace dress moved aside at times just enough to reveal what certainly looks to be her Watson-nip, as clear as day, I mean, if we had any blood left in our optical nerve area, it would certainly be even clearer.

Despite Emma's attempts at times to make herself look less hot than she really is, a sort of rebellious female thespianic trait we simply can't abide, she thankfully has trouble doing so and inevitably puts on a solid show several times a year for the hordes of her ogling fans. Including us. Enjoy.

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