Erika Mitdank and Cinthia Fernandez Lead Argentinean Asstastic Roundup (Courtesy of the Buenos Aires Bunny)

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Recently, I was interviewed by a entirely fake new organization that asked me about our journey into the wonderful world of all things Sudamericana hotness and was asked if I could sum up the voyage of sultry-discovery in just one word. I did. Asstastic.

While there has been so much visual dessert to feast upon in our mission to uncover all things Latina celebrity sextastic, if pressed, I have to say, it's the delicious nutritious badonkadonk that sets the Sudamericana ladies apart in the deep recesses of the Egotastic! libido. The beautiful tan-skinned dumpers of some smoking hot bawdy girls from around or south of the equator. Just impossible to ignore. And, now, Playboy from Argentina has put together some of their tops junksides of Buenos Aires sextastic celebrities, including some of our already favorited Erika Mitdank, Silvina Luna, and Cinthia Fernandez. It's like a butt buffet and mostly definitely all you can ogle. Enjoy.

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