Lacey Banghard, Stacey Massey, and Kelly Hall Get Totally Topless and Completely Nuts in Bed

(This week's Humpday Huzzah goes out to all the hardworking stiffs who peruse our website form their offices each weekday, taking a break from their role in the economy to devour a bit of the divine. We know you're watching, and your boss does too, thankfully, he's also watching, yep, he is.)

We must give it up once more to our good friends across the drink at Nuts magazine; just because you have a bevy of topless beauties from which to choose each week doesn't mean you're going to keep nailing them down in new and exciting themes and poses. But we must discreetly stand and applaud their current Babes in the Bedroom photo series, not just because we love Babes, and we lust them even more in the Bedroom, but because it's a great opportunity to not only carefully examine the body sextastic of one of our favorite glam models, Lacey Banghard, but to sneak some delightful peeks at the peaks of relative newcomers Stacey Massey and Kelly Hall.

Like exploring virgin lands with not so virgin girls. It's epic. Enjoy.

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