Lindsay Lohan Flashes Nipple Once More for a Terry Richardson Photoshoot

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Here's a little Egotastic! rule: we don't call it a nipple slip after about the 15th 'accidental' nipple flash for a celebrity. Lindsay Lohan does not have wardrobe malfunctions, she just has Lindsay moments.

Sadly, word about town is that Lindsay has fallen hard off the wagon once more, being spotted at various establishments drinking and making frequent trips to the ladies room to Colombian powder her nose. We say sadly, because Lindsay used to be one of our true ginger objects d' lust, a real beauty, before the inevitable affects of two award-losing parents ultimately took their toll on her adult life.

Still, I hold onto the belief that Lindsay retains potential, and this photoshoot from famed pervy-snapper Terry Richardson at the Chateau Marmont is some testament to that lingering sextastic, which like The Force, never goes away, it just becomes harder and harder to find in oneself. Enjoy

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